Mark Coulston

Artist statement:

SculptureMark Coulston of Black Box Architects produces sculptures/constructions of various timbers orthogonally arranged and fixed. The works express his fascination with dichotomies as architectural tools – repetition/irregularity, consistency/ diversity, economy/ richness.

The possibilities of ‘spatial’ sculptural ‘constructions’ represented are repetitions and, in themselves, all different ways of saying the same thing. That is a desire to create an uninformed beauty, memory, fragility, hope and reflection through limited and repeated parts assembled in naturally anchored structural patterns relying on the angle from which they are seen and the fall of light and the play of shadows – permanent/temporary, balanced/ unbalanced, rational/ irrational and understood/unknown. The assemblages break with representative logic, while remaining process-able as architectural expressions in an attempt to discover in each many moments of unknown pleasure.



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Mark Coulston

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