Bad News – Unfortunately we were unable to obtain the space we wanted in the GPO.
Good News – We’re back to our original plan of looking for a suitable space to open a showroom/gallery specialising in handmade cuff links and contemporary men’s jewellery. This will allow us greater control over opening hours and ensure that we creatively promote our business with monthly openings, stall at wedding shows (a necessary evil) and a bigger online presence.
Bad News – Nothing will happen before Xmas.
Good News – I’ve spoken to a few more potential suppliers who look like they are keen to get involved and expand this market.
Bad News – It’s still raining

Good News – We checked out a 35sqm space in Carlow House(Cnr Elizabeth St and Flinders Lane) which looks promising (nice space and big windows which open)

One potential supplier, Puneet Jodhka, has even offered to develop men’s jewellery for me exclusively when we can get our agreement right! Have a look at her work as I’m looking forward to working with her.