Here’s the second half of the stock a.l.i.Alexander has given to Lord Coocnut to sell. These are all of her rings.

Diamond ring – $286 GST included


Boston ring – $880 GST included


Chemical Coffee ring – $429 GST included


Chemical Alcohol ring – $429 GST included


Chilli ring – $286 GST included


Chilli ring – $286 GST included

Fifty I ring – $484 GST included


String ring – $704 GST included


Texas Gold ring – $957 GST included


Texas Gold ring – $1254 GST included
Home is Where the Heart is ring – $440 GST included  


My jewellery is usually made with silver or gold sometimes with pearls, I also use non-precious materials with the precious.
 Although I would love to be, I am not a bench jeweller, most of my work is made in wax by me first, cast, and then finished by others I work full time in the technology department at an Officeworks store in Melbourne Australia and live in a flat in the centre of the city; these give me ideas for my designs. I have been redesigning my living space, including furniture. The Mother of Pearl of Wisdom – Don’t put it down… sideboard has sterling silver and pearl handles and the label jewellery comes directly from my proximity to labellers at work.
Words feature in a lot of the pieces and also in my collecting. I have a small collection of sweetheart jewellery (made by troops during war) and I collect autographs where people write, talk or sing about “they”.
I like to think that my jewellery is comfortable to wear if not always effortless for the wearer – the vase brooch looks best filled with water and flowers, and the label jewellery has to have a label printed and attached by the owner.