21st JANUARY to 11th FEBRUARY 2012
OPENING: FRIDAY 20 JANUARY 5.30pm to 7.30pm 

The Mark intaglio print
Hand inked intaglio print
Image – 15cm W x 22cm H   Frame – 32cm W x 42cm H
$330 framed
$240 unframed
‘The Mark’ is an exploration of the physicality that underlies the sport of Australian Rules Football. “As an outsider to the sport, the mark made off the back of a friend or a foe strikes me as the pinnacle of this athleticism and a point of drama in the game. A pause, an opportunity for change. Both players contributing to this challenge to the laws of physics”.                                            
I Still Call Australia Home brooches
Vintage linoleum, buttons & nickel brooch clasp
9cm W x 8cm H
$66 each
Segments of salvaged lino from kitchen floors all over Australia form the iconic map of Australia. A wearable momento of Australian domesticity…. and we didn’t forget Tassie.
Captain Rook woodcut
Woodcut and digital print on fine art paper.
Image – 20cm W x 28cm H     
Frame – 33cm W x 44cm H
$185 framed
The investigation of traditional and contemporary subject matter and printmaking techniques is part of the artists ongoing investigation into the impact European colonization has had on Australia and its inhabitants.
Australian Mulga Wood salt and pepper shakers
Australian Mulga wood, salt & pepper mill parts
25cm H x 6.5cm D
$360 (both)
In the tradition of the early 50s Mulga souvenir highlighting the bright yellow sapwood and the dark brown heart wood this pair of salt and pepper mills brings a modern twist to the humble 50s version. The mulga was first selected for colour and grain then cut to reveal both sap and heart wood, hand turned and finished in Shell Wax to a high polish.
Emu Egg carvings
Emu egg shell
8cm W x 15cm H plus stand
$250 (each)
The Australian craft of carving emu egg shells dates back to the mid 1850s a colonial tradition developed in Australia by immigrant silversmiths. Many were subsequently set in elaborate silver mounts.
The emu egg is the only tri coloured egg in the world the outer layer is a green so dark it is almost black, removing that layer reveals a centre teal or light green section which is then polished, I use a scalpel to carve a line drawing style image of a Koala into the centre white layer. The egg is then mounted on a Red Gum stand creating a genuine piece of Australiana. 
Southern Star fabric sculptured bangle
Buckram and Vintage fabric
Outside diameter: 15cm x 4.5cm high    
Inside diameter (cuff): 7.5cm
This is a 3D Sculptured Bangle constructed from the inside out, using a buckram framework to form a geometric polyhedron shape and dressed in vintage Australiana fabric. This is both a functional and sculptural piece featuring protruding ‘fabric jewels’ and Australian native floral iconography on each flat surface of the bangle. The star shape is evocative of the Southern Cross Star Constellation with each of the five protruding points of the bangle representing one star.
Bush Fairytale pendant
 Resin, fabric cord, oxidised copper, mixed media
24cm H x 12cm W x 2.5cm D
Like a lot of Australians I grew up reading May Gibbs’ Gumnut babies and other bush fairy tales. They taught me to respect our flora and fauna and sparked wonder and awe at the magic of their secret worlds. “Humans please be kind to all bush creatures and don’t pull flowers up by the roots” – May Gibbs.  Words to live by.
I’ve been everywhere man sculpture
Recycled tourist spoons, recycled material, fringing
20cm cube

Green & Gold bangle
Recycled yoghurt lid and gold
1cm W x 1.25cm H


“Green & Gold” is a very patriotic piece with colour representing Australia. It can be worn as a bangle with the green bracelet, or the green bracelet can be cut off to convert it into a pendant. The Australia shape is not overwhelming and it becomes a subtle souvenir (with room on the back for engraving).
The Mighty Tigers ring
Sterling silver, Glass & Enamel
Size P
Tea Towel landscapes
Vintage Tea Towels, Cotton, Felt
Image – 8cm W x 8cm H (approx)
Frame – 25cm W x 25cm H
$130 (each)
These ‘Tea Towel Landscapes’ are constructed from vintage Australian tourist tea towels, collected from op shops around the Western District of Victoria. The composition is put together and machine embroidered with a felt backing to produce the finished piece. It is important the tea towels are ‘used’ to show the history of the item, which is up-cycled to represent a new version of Australiana.