A solo exhibition by Ellen Pittman

Opening Night Friday 16 November, 6:00-8:00pm (Melbourne, November 7) Melbourne’s foremost men’s jewellery emporium, Lord Coconut, continues its love affair with emerging young artisan jewellers, with an exclusive solo exhibition “Body to Body” by Ellen Pittman. The works presented in ‘Body to Body, replicates the surface of butchered meat, replacing blood for precious metals. The work examines, replicates and recasts the surface of butchered meat and reforms it into items of jewellery to be worn on the body. The process of casting offers the opportunity to partially abstract the image that is represented, through the addition of inorganic angles and geometric cropping and by replacing the red of blood with the brilliance of a precious metal: Brass, Bronze and Sterling Silver. Pittman explains that, “The material juxtaposition cushions the viewer from implicit horror, removing stains of reality: flesh, fluid, death; not unlike the process used by the meat industry to emotionally sanitise the consumption of meat”. Ellen Pittman has lived in Hobart, Tasmania since 2004. She Graduated in 2008 with a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with a Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Tasmania in 2010. Pittman examined the short demise and resurgence of Berlin non avant-garde cultural circles before, during and after World War One. In 2010, Pittman was awarded an Arts Tasmania grant, with which she has continued to explore, both sculpturally and through jewellery design, the confused language of touch and the manipulations of desire by context. Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only retailer, gallery and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed exclusively for men. Lord Coconut stocks over 400 individual jewellery pieces and designer cufflinks and represents over 35 Melbourne jewellers, artisans and designers.