Sea Mine pendant by Youssef Tayeb(Melbourne, June 27) The latest Melbourne designer to join Lord Coconut’s stable of talented artisans, Side Project One is the result of creator Youssef Tayeb’s passion for jewellery informed by the industrial design method of three-dimensional metal printing.

A freelance industrial designer by trade, Tayeb’s jewellery explores the relationship between design and art, and the dichotomy between the hand and the machine. In his work, Tayeb uses 3-D printing to prototype products before they are manufactured. Tayeb decided to test out this process with jewellery as a side project. Unconstrained by the limits of day-to-day work, Tayeb is able to treat the jewellery design process as his own personal playground.

Tayeb’s design process begins by creating a model using a special computer program. The model’s data is sent to a three-dimensional printer, which prints the object in fine layers of stainless steel powder gradually, until it has completely built the model. The machine applies a number of finishing processes to clear the design of any residue, and then Tayeb meticulously inspects and hand-finishes the piece, using a variety of techniques to create a wearable, functional piece of jewellery.

3-D printing and modelling allows Tayeb to achieve levels of detail and complexity that are extremely difficult to achieve by hand. The streamlined intricacy of the Sea Mine Pendant, made from bronze-infused stainless steel, demonstrates the inventive capabilities of this technique. Prior to being an industrial designer, Tayeb was a professional scuba diver, so often his designs find inspiration from the marine world.

Although 3-D metal printing is widely used by jewellers for casting in silver, Tayeb uses bronze infused
sterling silver, a less commonly used material for this process.

Side Project One jewellery is available at Lord Coconut, both in-store and online. Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only retailer, gallery and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed exclusively for men. Lord Coconut stocks over 300 individual jewellery pieces and designer cufflinks and represents over 30 Melbourne jewellers, artisans and designers.

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