(Melbourne, June 12) Flinders Lane men’s jewellery and accessories emporium, Lord Coconut, continues to harness the originality of Melbourne’s creative scene with quirky and witty jewellery pieces from a.l.i alexander. By day, Melbourne jeweller Alison works at Officeworks, which may sound tedious but it has inspired much of her work, such as her range of label jewellery, which requires the owners to print their own label and attach it. Inspired by her love of crime and mystery novels and country music, a.l.i alexander’s jewellery often incorporates words and lyrics from text and songs. Alison lives in the centre of the Melbourne CBD, so the environment around her is constantly inspiring. Her geographic rings incorporate the exact latitude and longitude figures of her apartment, and she has also made geographic rings for customers with the latitude and longitude of the place they met their first true love. Even the Melbourne International Comedy Festival has inspired a.l.i alexander’s jewellery. She figured that however wacky or zany these comedians might be, they all had a mother at home that might like to bring back a piece of Melbourne. The result was Brooch for a Comedian’s Mother, a quirky piece that is uniquely Melbourne. a.l.i alexander also creates a range of classic and unique men’s cufflinks. Says Alison, “I thought there weren’t enough good classic and contemporary gifts for young men around. So I created a range of cufflinks based on a classic style with a contemporary design”. The Button Cufflinks demonstrate classic design with a contemporary twist and a.l.i alexander’s signature sense of wit. Alison crafts all her distinctive pieces by hand in fimo, so that each has a unique mark; you can see where her fingers have pushed, prodded and pulled the mould. Her original pieces are then cast into sterling silver, gold, pearls and non-precious metals. Her original pieces include men’s cufflinks, rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets. a.l.i alexander is stocked at: Lord Coconut, Level 4, Carlow House, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne 0450 015 263 Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm, Sat 12pm-4pm

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