Opening Night: Tuesday 18th March 5.30 to 7.30pm Summer is over and the coconuts are coming home to roost – in Melbourne, at least. And the man we all look up to, Lord Coconut, is again raising the bar, making filial love visible with the “Dear Father” exhibition. Inspired by Lord Coconut’s first private gallery Down Under in 1887 which was filled with treasures, brought over by boat, from his adventures in Africa, Asia and various Pacific Islands, the “Dear Father” exhibition is an Internet era interpretation of his collecting ways and the love for his father. At the modern day Lord Coconut’s Emporium of Wonder, over 15 artists are exhibiting a piece of jewellery or small scale sculpture, inspired by a blank postcard (circa 1910) Lord Coconut collected from different countries during his travels. The jewellers and artisans were then required to write a short message similar to what Lord Coconut may have written to his old man. The combination of the postcards, the messages and the subsequent inspired gifts, form the basis of this exhibition. And while the “Dear Father’ Exhibition is a modern homage to Lord Coconut’s globetrotting and artefact collecting ways, it also allows us mere mortals to bring homage to all the special men – and fathers – in our lives. Participating jewellers include: Ali Alexander, Jo Anderson, Emily Becher, Anastasia Birbas, Beth Croce, Patricia Denis, Janty Fry, Kim Jonsson, Jessica Helen, Clara Ho, Kath O’Neill, David Parker, Emily Schilg, Karen Thompson and Dat Van.   Lord Coconut is Melbourne’s only retailer, gallery and online boutique selling contemporary jewellery designed exclusively for men. Lord Coconut stocks over 400 individual jewellery pieces and designer cufflinks and represents over 35 Melbourne jewellers, artisans and designers. ‘Dear Father’ Exhibition 18th March – 19th April 2014 Level 4, Carlow House, 289 Flinders Lane, Melbourne Tuesday-Friday 11am-6pm, Sat 12pm-4pm

Dear Father exhibition – Vintage postcard inspired jewellery and small scale sculpture.