Emily_Becher_Headshot_resized_profileWhy did you become a jeweller?

I became a jeweller after many years of being a bit lost… the process of creating jewellery brought me back my sanity. When I’m at my jewellery bench the whole world slips away and I’m completely immersed in the process of taking base materials and crafting them into wearable artworks. Being in that creative state is when I’m most present, happy and fulfilled.





How would you describe your men’s jewellery range at Lord Coconut and what was its inspiration?

I would describe my range at Lord Coconut as tactile. It’s got a strong focus on texture and the feeling of one’s jewellery. I’d say it wasn’t so much a result of any particular inspiration but more from inspired activity… I just wanted to hit something with a hammer… and the result looked and felt really cool so I developed the concept and expanded the range with various designs and surface finishes.


emily becher workbenchHow would you describe what is on your jewellery bench?

Hmmm… chaos… with a little bit of organisation thrown in around the sides.








When not making jewellery what do you love to do?

When I’m not making jewellery I love to sleep… but in my waking hours away from the bench I love having a really nice dark spiced rum whilst joking around with old friends.


Favourite restaurant

It’s a bit of a trip but my favourite restaurant would have to be The Dispensary Enoteca in Bendigo… it’s amaaaazing!


Favourite movie



Favourite travel destination

Anywhere that’s warm…


Favourite band



Favourite book

The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy – Douglas Adams


Favourite art work

Adnate’s street art, all of it… It’s amazing!


Favourite building

Probably the Manchester Unity Building in Melbourne’s CBD. It’s the beating heart of our city’s jewellery industry and it’s such a visual pleasure to explore it. Plus it has a fantastic café at its base; Switchboard, love those guys!