Although we find that men purchase rings for all sorts of reasons there is always one common denominator………………. they always start with just one if they’ve had a secret desire to wear multiple rings. After the first is purchased, often but not always not from us, we find that the initial ring must pass what we call the mate shit test. The shit test is all about whether your mates give you shit or not wearing a fashion ring. If shit is given the ring quietly goes into the draw never to be seen again. If shit is not given it means the wearer is more than likely to purchase a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or even 5th ring (often at the same time). This image is one of our customers who started with the ring on the right pointer. The ring isn’t one of ours, but I know it was purchased in the hope more would follow. He clearly didn’t get any shit from his mates and not long after he came in and purchased another three rings from us. You must admit it’s a pretty good look and a great mix of rings. Working left to right our rings are Classic Skull signet by Ant Hat, Stack by Marko Radosavljevic and finished off with Tiger Eye Fokker signet from Sebastian Cilento.