Capturing elements of tattoo art, gothic architecture, and the baroque period in his objects of precious metal the Ship ring by Metal Couture is an instant classic. Worn by both men and women the Ship ring is a real statement piece but does not overwhelm the hand when worn.


What’s most interesting about this ring is men and women tend to wear it facing different ways on the hand. Men wear it with the tip of the sail against the knuckle so when looking at or showing others a fist if formed to highlight the ring. Women tend to wear it the other way with the bottom of the ship against the knuckle so that if can be seen or shown with an open palm facing outwards (like you were asking someone to stop with your hand). This is not a hard and fast rule and you can wear it any way you wish but the difference seems to occur about 90% of the time when we show the ring in-store.


If you wish to experience this magical ring yourself, we offer free delivery online for all online orders and it takes approximately 3 weeks to custom make your required size.


Ships ahoy and aye aye captain!