There are several different styles of jewellery out there catering for the interests of a diverse range of individuals. This Route 66 signet ring in sterling silver by Silver Cyanide is a good case in point. The maker of Silver Cyanide has a passion for all things Rockabilly, Retro or Vintage. The range was born form a lifetime of exposure to rockabilly, retro and vintage events and collections. With that passion they have designed and created a range of jewellery for Dames, Dolls and Guys. Some of the phrases we use in relation to this range include: sailor jerry, sailorjerrytattoo, sailorjerryflash, sailorjerrys, SailorJerryTattoos, sailorjerryjapan, sailorjerryjewellery, tattoo, tattoos, tattooart, tattoolife, tattoodesign, tattoolove, tattooaddict, tattoolover, tattooinspiration, tattooworld, rockabillystyle, rockabillylife, rockabillylifestyle, rockabillyfashion, rockabillylove, rockabillyart, rockabillyclothing, rockabillyaccessories, rockabillyvintage and Rockabillykulture.