The story behind how a ring design came about can often be an interesting one. This Boulder ring/earring started off life as a Galaxy ring which is made in oxidised sterling silver with a frosting of 18ct yellow gold but eventually became the Boulder ring (with diamonds in this instance).


A gentleman comes into the shop looking for a ring for his son’s 21st birthday. He likes the Galaxy ring but brings out a small vial of gold flakes which he has panned for himself over a number of years. he says that he would like to incorporate some into the ring. After a quick chat to the jeweller it was decided that the gold could be incorporated.


Little did we know that instead of gold dusting the jeweller would be able to fuse the little chunks of gold onto the silver which gives this ring its unique texture.


Luckily for us all the customer loved the new texture (and his son did as well).


Both the jeweller and Lord Coconut also loved this texture so much we decided to turn the concept into a ring which we would stock all the time. The Boulder ring was born.