Texture Porn – We love looking at close-ups of jewellery which highlights the texture of a piece. In this case it’s the sand cast Eon signet ring by Albert Tse. The ring is cast in sterling silver, oxidised to bring out the texture and then a blob of yellow gold added to add a bit of zing to the ring. Brilliant!


It’s not compulsory to wear only one pendant at a time. Three of our pendants were featured in the Melbourne Fashion Week street runway last year and we think they look great together. What do you think?

The building our shop is in is located on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth Street. The building is a unique to Melbourne six-storey Streamline Moderne art-deco commercial building and is very special. It was classified on 9 July 1987 and added to the Victorian Heritage Database and that of the National Trust the same year which means it can’t be demolished or substantially changed. That makes it pretty special and why we love it so much. Visit us in this amazing building Monday to Friday 11 til 6 and 12 til 4 on Saturday and see what all the fuss is about.

Straight from the 70s and back in fashion the 18ct yellow gold Burnside wedding ring by Gary Barnes is pretty special. It can only be made in 18ct gold as each edge of the ring is heated so that it melts and drips down the side of the ring giving it it’s unique look.


We love it when a jeweller uses an unexpected material to tell a story. This Ghost in the Machine pendant by Brian Wood uses sterling silver, neoprene and recycled circuit board. Brilliant concept!


Although we stock over 700 pieces of unique handmade jewellery at any one time sometimes someone comes in and says, ‘I’ve got all this sentimental jewellery that I never wear, can you melt it all down and make something new for us?”

The answer is of course we can. Not all off our jewellers use your old pieces but enough of them do so that you’re assured of getting something amazing made that suits you.

This image is from our jewellery Emily Becher just before it all gets melted down.

People often ask about the different colours (and thus materials) rings are available in. This image is the perfect example of what the Ripples ring by Emily Becher looks like (from left to right): Titanium, 9ct yellow gold, 9ct rose gold and 9ct white gold.


We’re pretty pleased to offer some of the best packaging around. Each and every jewellery purchase both online and in-store gets hidden in an old book. We spend a lot of time sourcing old hardcover books (they’re getting harder and harder to find), we the cut a hole in the middle of each one (technique is as secret as the Colonel’s secret herbs and spices recipe) before carefully placing the purchased item in the cutout followed by a ribbon tied around the outside to finish it all off. We love it and our customers love it.


Every so often someone comes into the shop and asks if a photo can be taken. We’re always happy to oblige. This is one of the best ones – thanks Celebrant Jam!


These cast sterling silver hand pendants by Ant Hat are a great way to celebrate being number one (one pendant), two makes a perfect couple (two pendant) or three’s a crowd (three pendant).