It’s never a bad time to dress up and look your best at any time of the year!
sam wines with blue swimmer crab lapel
Blue Swimmer Crab lapel pin in heat treated titanium by Justin Siow Model: Sam Wines

It’s a crazy time in the world and people are a little bit spooked. If you’re unsure if you should go shopping for that perfect piece of jewellery we are now taking private appointments during our normal business hours. We’ll lock the front door and ensure that you’re the only customer in the shop at that time.
Please also remember the very nature of our store means that only a few people come into the shop each day so even if you just pop in during our normal business hours you’re not mixing with hundreds of people.
Take care, stay safe and remember there are a lot of small businesses out there which would love your support.

Not every wedding ring needs to look like all of the others. Not every wedding ring needs to go on your left ring finger. With so many multi-racial marriages, with their own tradition of wearing the ring on the left or right ring finger, anything goes! With this is mind more and more guys are going for a signet ring as their wedding ring. Whichever finger or ring style you choose we have a huge selection of handmade wedding rings.
Ring by Ginkoh Jewellery
Hand by Jared Acquaro

Due to the interesting state of play in Australia with the virus we are processing more than normal online orders. Rest assured that our online store is open as business as usual, we’re being extra careful when packing your jewellery purchase in our fabulous book packaging and still using Express Post to get your purchase to you as fast as we can. If you’re sitting at home and need some retail therapy visit us at

Sometimes a jeweller comes along and makes some really cool stuff. Beth from Bioperspective is an anatomical illustrator by trade but makes a great range of sterling silver anatomical jewellery just for fun. The Vertebra, Cranium, Liver and Heart cufflinks are some of our favourites.

We love it when someone comes into the shop to show us a new range of jewellery which they think will be a great addition to what we are known for. Which of course in jewellery for men. One of the latest ranges added were these amazing pieces by Studio Lux (who clearly has a love for words and typography).

Word and typography inspired jewellery

As a business we’re lucky enough to be part of many of life’s milestones and one of our favourite is a wedding proposal. We’ve always been involved in straight wedding proposals but there has been a big spike in same sex wedding proposals. These seem to be on the older side of the age equation which makes them even more special for us.

Sometimes you need to wear more than one necklace to finish off an outfit. This is the perfect example with two Spur pendants by Ginkoh jewellery and the small Eon Cross pendant by Albert Tse being worn at the same time. A pretty cool look.

Multiple pendants at once

We keep banging on about it but there is no denying finding the perfect textured wedding rings is a damn sight better than ending up with something like your fathers polished and plain wedding band. These beauties are from Unnon, shown in silver, but can be made in any of the golds your heart desires.

It’s all about texture and contrast with these amazing rings by Jeanette Dyke. Working from top to bottom:
– Golden Earth in sterling silver with yellow gold frosting
– Gold Strike in 9ct white gold with yellow gold frosting
– Wide Tartan in oxidised sterling silver with yellow gold frosting
– Galaxy in oxidised sterling silver with yellow gold frosting
– Boulder in oxidised sterling silver with yellow gold chunks
– Golden Earth in 9ct rose gold with white gold frosting

Texture and Contrast rings