Our men’s wedding rings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, material and textures.

Working from left to right and top to bottom they are:
– Ripples in titanium by Emily Becher
– The Port in zirconium/gold by Rhett Dale
– Great Divide in sterling silver/gold/diamond by Gavin Macsporran
– Wide Explosion in gold by Gillian Hillman
– Gladiator in sterling silver/gold by Unnon
– Gold Strike in sterling silver/gold by Jeanette Dyke
– Main Squeeze in bronze/gold by Ginkoh Jewellery
– Spheres in damascus stainless steel by Luke Grant


All of our wedding rings are handmade in one way or another. In this example it’s showing the sand casting technique used by Albert Tse.

Inspiration comes from all sort of areas and the classic tattoo’s of Sailor Jerry certainly still make an impact today, 50 plus years after they were first thrust into the world.


Anchor with Scroll ring by Metal Couture
Hand by Jared Acquaro

Although we sell ourselves as a men’s wedding ring specialist we actually make men’s and women’s wedding rings. It’s just that we want to make the men feel a little bit special.
Image by Stuz Photography
Top ring by Beth Croce
Bottom ring by Gavin Macsporran

All of our handmade jewellery for men is made fabricated on workbenckes such as this one. Thanks to our talented jewellers: JWG, Natalie Klave, Sebastian Cilento, William Russell, Beth Croce, Burton Metal Depository, Gary Barnes, Rhett Dale, Ali Alexander, Jeanetet Dyke, David Parker, Metalhead, Justin Siow (pictured), Melanie Ihnen, Brian Wood, Luke Grant, Unnon, Janty Fry, Emily Becher, Aime Sutanto, Gavin Macsporran, Melissa Bladock, Jacqui Williams, Erwin Rohrl, Philip Monk, Gillian Hillman, Ginkoh, Metal Couture, Imogen Hobbs, Code Love, Alison Raven, Albert Tse, Zora Bell Boyd, Nerea Li Santi, Studio Lux, Silver Cyanide and Victoria Mason.


Men’s wedding rings come in all shapes, sizes, styles and materials. Here are a few of our latest favourites:
– 5mm Eon wedding ring in apricot gold and sterling silver by Albert Tse
– Heart of Gold wedding ring in titanium and 18ct yellow gold by David Parker
– Boulder wedding ring in oxidised sterling silver and 18ct yellow gold by Jeanette Dyke
– Ocean signet ring in 9ct yellow gold by Ginkoh Jewellery.

All of these rings are made to order in your chosen materials from one of our talented Australian based jewellers and designers.


The Cross earring in oxidised sterling silver with 18ct yellow gold by Gavin Macsporran is just one of many handcrafted earrings we sell individually. Thanks Jack Prow for modelling and photography by Rolan John


We offer 10% off all gold wedding/engagement rings when two are purchased at the same time.

Why stop at one ring when you can wear two!
Mr Black Eye Skull ring by Zora Bell Boyd
Obsidian Fokker signet ring by Sebastian Cilento

Photo by Rolan John Photography
Hand by Jack Prow



Hand cut titanium Blue Swimmer Crab and Christmas Beetle lapel pins by Justin Siow. Once these Justin Siow lapel pins are cut from sheet of titanium they are hand folded and heated to produce the finished piece with no soldering involved.