We’re really proud of the diverse range of jeweller we have in-store and online at any one time. Our customers are pretty cool as well and a big thanks to Jared Acquaro for helping us highlight these amazing stack rings in sterling silver by Metal Couture. The Skull ring and Headphone rings can be worn together or separately. As all of our rings are made to measure it doesn’t matter what size your finger is. If these rings aren’t to your taste don’t worry as we have over 300 different ring designs which have been produced by our 40 plus Australian based jewellers, designers and artisans.


Image courtesy of Jared Acquaro and Jacob Medina

When you represent over 40 Australian based jewellers, designers and artisans there is bound to be a diverse range of wedding rings available for grooms who all have different tastes. One of our favourite designers is Melbourne based jeweller Ali Alexander. She specialises in the lost wax technique whereby each and every one of her wedding rings are first hand formed in wax, sent out to be cast and finally finished by hand to give them their unique look and polish. It’s called the lost wax technique as in the casting process the original wax ring is replaced by the metal version. Thus the wax is lost forever. This String ring in 9ct white gold is extra special as Ali still uses the lost wax technique but with the added twist that a piece of string is dipped in molten wax to form the original ring when wrapped around her jewellers mandrel.


When it came time to deciding how any of our 800 plus pieces of Australian made handcrafted jewellery for men would be presented to our customers upon sale it was very clear that we wanted to do something out of the ordinary and something that fits in with the look and feel of the store. As our store is based upon Natural History Museums of the past the standard jewellery boxes available were out of the question. This led to a bit of brainstorming where we finally decided upon secret holes cut into the inside of vintage books. Not 100% sure where the idea came from but it was probably inspired by our recent prison break where a pick was smuggled into the prison inside a book………………….. oh wait, that was a movie wasn’t it! Maybe it was a piece of art we had seen previously as we were aware of the well known Melbourne based book artist Nicholas Jones. Either way we’ve made our packaging an important part of our entire retail experience and we know we’re on a winner when we get customer feedback such as “arrived on Monday just gone snuggled away in a lovely book” and “love the packaging, great idea. He loves books, so this is perfect”.

Photo courtesy of Boutique Blinks Photography

Welcome to the world of Lord Coconut – Melbourne’s only retail store specialising in handcrafted jewellery for men. Our 40 plus jewellers, designers and artisans are all based within Australia which means each and every item is Australian made. This is the man behind the brand. He doesn’t like photos but we trot out the odd image every now and then to remind everyone that we aren’t some big faceless corporation but a small business selling the wonderful work of locals.


Image courtesy of Prince & Mercer /Grace Petrou

Wedding Ring Special: As a handcrafted wedding ring for men specialist we know that your wedding day is one of the most expensive 24 hours in your life. As such if you purchase your gold wedding ring from Lord Coconut we offer 25% off cufflinks, lapel pins and tie bars for the wedding day. This discount is valid for all of your wedding party along with any gifts you want to purchase the fathers of the bride and groom. One of our most popular designs are the vintage watch movement cufflinks by Janty Fry. They are indeed made out of vintage watch movement. They usually retail at $110 a pair but the wedding ring special takes them down to $82.50 a pair.

Check out the various designs HERE

Photo courtesy of 307 Creative.

Many of our customers ask how many rings are too many on the one hand. We always believe in personal choice and would never dictate a hard and fast rule as it depends on the person, what they want to achieve looks wise and of course budget (but we try to stay away from thumb rings as much as we can but that is just our personal opinion).

One thing we do agree on is that the rings can’t be too matchy matchy.

This picture is good example with the rings named from left to right:
i- The Ship Ring by Metal Couture in sterling silver
ii- The Pierced Tree Abstract ring by Melissa Baldock in sterling silver
iii- The Explosion ring by Gillian Hillman in 9ct rose gold
iv- The Guardian ring by Marko Radosavljevic in sterling silver



Note: Image courtesy of Prince & Mercer and Grace Petrou

We have some great new cufflinks and lapel pins featuring watch movements by Janty Fry ready to go.

Elgin 533 Winder

Timex 17 Surround

Hamilton 995A

1800 Dark Surround

1800 Surround

Silver Watch Propellor

Enicar Watch Beetle

Bulovoa Watch Beetle

Brass Watch Propellor