We have some great new cufflinks and lapel pins featuring watch movements by Janty Fry ready to go.

Elgin 533 Winder

Timex 17 Surround

Hamilton 995A

1800 Dark Surround

1800 Surround

Silver Watch Propellor

Enicar Watch Beetle

Bulovoa Watch Beetle

Brass Watch Propellor

Some amazing lapel pins by Janty Fry, Nerea Li Santi and  Samantha Dennis have just arrived in-store and are ready for purchase.


Wombat in the Grass by Nerea Li Santi

Spoon by Samantha Dennis

Bulova Watch Beetle by Janty Fry

Mountain LLama by Nerea Li Santi

Fork by Samantha Dennis

Enicar Watch Beetle by Janty Fry

Moon Hare by Nerea Li Santi

KNife by Samantha Dennis

We have some beautiful handmade bowties and pocket squares available in-store and online. Each one is lovingly handmade by Lolicu using vintage fabrics sourced worldwide.


So Black!

Grande Pois

Rose Mella Neblaia


Inked Gentleman

Classico Romano

Rose Rosse

Pois Grande

So Black!

Strisce Verde

Sicilain Paisley

Rombi Milano

Foresta Bul

Quadro Maioliche


Hello Florence

Talented Tasmanian based jeweller Gavin MacSporran loves playing with different materials and textures. Many of his rings start with a sterling silver base and then fused with segments of 18ct gold. To add extra interest he will then often add black diamonds, cube diamonds and rubies to the mix. each ring is unique and make an ideal statement piece.

Wide Rough & Raw with cube diamond

Wide Rough & Raw with 6 diamonds

Rough & Raw Pillars of Desire

Wide Rough & Raw Highlight

Rough & Raw laminated Chips

Rough & raw Wide Curved with 5 diamonds

Urban Life with 5 rubies

Pretty chuffed to be stocking this interesting range of jewellery by the talented Jodie Cambrey.


Large Arrowhead (black onyx) pendant

Large Arrowhead (carnelian) pendant

Arrowhead (sapphire) pendant

Arrowhead (black diamond) pendant

Arrowhead (carnelian) pendant

Arrowhead (black onyx) pendant

Arrowhead (black onyx) lapel pin

Arrowhead (carnelian) lapel pin

Arrowhead (black onyx) cufflinks

Arrowhead (carnelian) cufflinks

Hexagonal (matt silver) ring

Hexagonal (9ct white gold) wedding ring

Hexagonal (sandblasted silver0 ring

We’re pretty excited to be stocking Metalhead jewellery. See the all online at https://www.lordcoconut.com/shop/category/metalhead/


Peak ring

Landscape ring

Mountain ring

Small Cross pendnat

Cross pendant

Hex pendant

Shard pendant

Dual ring

Slant ring


Shield ring

Giant Mountain ring

Straight ring

Lord Coconut, the men’s wedding ring specialist, is pleased to announce the release of black zirconium men’s wedding rings by Melbourne based jeweller Rhett Dale. These rings are now available in-store or online (free delivery Australia wide) at Lord Coconut.


Lord Coconut owner Mark Boldiston states “A growing number of grooms were moving away from the traditional gold wedding band and asking for a ring with a more contemporary look and finish. One of the hottest trends at the moment are black wedding rings. Traditionally this has been a difficult request to satisfy as many of the black rings seen online are made from Tungsten which is an extremely heavy metal which is not used or made by the majority of Australian based jewellers. The other option has traditionally been an oxidised sterling silver ring which, although dark, in not a true black and tends to wear off the soft sterling silver. An alternative needed to be found”.


Lord Coconut are pleased to announce that we now stock, in order to meet growing consumer demand, black zirconium rings by Melbourne jeweller Rhett Dale. These lightweight black rings are a true black, can be made either matt, brushed or polished and the ‘blackness’ does not wear off over time. They can also be combined with gold to give a mix of the traditional and the contemporary in the one ring.


Dale says “With specialised thermal processing I can transform the surface of zirconium (a metal closely related to titanium) to a ceramic state which is true black in colour. This outer ‘blackness’ is extremely tough and does not wear off over time. This makes it an ideal wedding ring for men as the ring still keep its strong metallic core whilst the black outer layer is very difficult to scratch.”