Every so often someone comes along and wears some of our jewellery in unexpected ways. We can thank Melbourne Mouse in this instance as the three pendants were worn by one of the models as part of a Melbourne Fashion Week street parade.
The Eon cross by Albert Tse is sand cast in sterling silver. The small Spur pendant in brass is by Ginkoh Jewellery. The large Spur pendant is sterling silver is by Ginkoh jewellery. I think this works as a whole as there is a link between the materials of the pendants and that the length is staggered giving each space breathing room.

We would love your thoughts on this.

We love it when one of our jewellers uses a by-product of one of their ring designs to make something totally new.


William the jeweller is our coin ring specialist who takes old coins and turns them into rings. One of the first steps is to cut a neat hole in the middle of the rings (so that they can be stretched out and turned into the ring).


As part of this process he is left with a small disc cut from the inside of the ring. Rather than discard this piece of history he now turns these coin discs into fabulous cufflinks such as these.


This pair are made from old Crown coins which he has enamelled in black to highlight the raised silver coin lettering further.


I think they’re spectacular and can only be made as a by-product of two rings.



Lord Coconut presents the 6th annual Melbourne Cufflink Exhibition & Acquisitive Student Prize for 2018.

Students from undergraduate and postgraduate courses in jewellery/object based design, gold and silversmithing, visual arts (jewellery) and the like submitted a pair of cufflinks which they created in 2018. As these cufflinks are often the first piece of male jewellery the students have designed the exhibition highlights to both maker and viewer what is possible when developing and making contemporary jewellery for men. This exhibition features the best of these submissions. The acquisitive prize is valued at $500 and was won by Jean-Nicolas Weryha.

Our contributors from Melbourne Polytechnic, Design Centre Enmore, QCA Griffith and UNSWAD are Aden Green, Alison Raven, Emma Denton, Isaac Crawford-Defrain, Jean-Nicolas Weryha, Kierra-Jay Power, Kristina Gittins, Lorraine Boshoff, Maddison Bygrave, Rebecca lee Bon, Robyn Pell, Sarah Murphy, Sesh Prestas, Sian Healey, Solene Hegarty-Cremer, Tina Gordon-Brown and Yi Zhu

Presented as part of Melbourne Fringe 2018



Capturing elements of tattoo art, gothic architecture, and the baroque period in his objects of precious metal the Ship ring by Metal Couture is an instant classic. Worn by both men and women the Ship ring is a real statement piece but does not overwhelm the hand when worn.


What’s most interesting about this ring is men and women tend to wear it facing different ways on the hand. Men wear it with the tip of the sail against the knuckle so when looking at or showing others a fist if formed to highlight the ring. Women tend to wear it the other way with the bottom of the ship against the knuckle so that if can be seen or shown with an open palm facing outwards (like you were asking someone to stop with your hand). This is not a hard and fast rule and you can wear it any way you wish but the difference seems to occur about 90% of the time when we show the ring in-store.


If you wish to experience this magical ring yourself, we offer free delivery online for all online orders and it takes approximately 3 weeks to custom make your required size.


Ships ahoy and aye aye captain!

At Silver Cyanide they have a passion for all things Rockabilly, Retro or Vintage. The range was born form a lifetime of exposure to rockabilly, retro and vintage events and collections. With that passion they have designed and created a range of jewellery for Dames, Dolls and Guys




Lucky Clover

Anchor (small)

Anchor & Wheel



Card Shark

Day of the Dead

Route 66

Tiki Shifter


Tiki shifter

Shield Signet

Checkerboard Shield

Gangster Gun

Although we sell ourselves as a jewellery store for men there is no doubt in our mind that all our jewellery is in fact unisex and suitable for women and men to wear.

These whimsical Llama cufflinks in sterling silver by Nerea li Santi are a case in point.

They would make an ideal gift for men or women starting their first office job who want to impress the boss on day one and wear a French cuff shirt.

As Nerea has her own unique style she is also able to custom design similar animals, so the world really is your oyster when it comes to choice.


We represent a lot of very talented jewellers at Lord Coconut and one of the most local is the very special Ali Alexander. Not only is she super talented with her wax cast rings but her jewellery has the lowest carbon footprint out of all of our jewellers as she lives a mere 5-minute walk from the shop. As she also casts her rings 5 minutes away all of her work is walked to and from each process in the manufacturing of each and every ring.


This ring is pretty special as its part of her Chemical Symbol range of rings where you can ask for whatever chemical symbol you like to be put onto the ring. We usually have Coffee and Alcohol in the shop but have done many others, including Ketamine (but we won’t ask what that particular customer wanted that on a ring).


Lord Coconut, Melbourne’s only jewellery store for men (and women) is proud to give you the opportunity, as part of Melbourne Fashion Week, to meet some of our 40 plus local jewellers, designers and artisans at the Melbourne Town Hall forecourt.

Our jewellers on the day are all experts in their field. Each have their own jewellery style and technique which will be highlighted on the day. This event is the perfect chance to see some of them in action and get a taste of what is available in-store and online at Lord Coconut.

Participating jewellers include Ali Alexander, Beth Croce, Gillian Hillman, Ginkoh Jewellery, Nerea Li Santi, Marko Radosavljevic, Alannah Sheridan, Justin Siow, Aimee Sutanto and Jacqui Williams.


We pride ourselves at having one of the largest ranges of handcrafted wedding rings for men in Australia. We make this claim as we represent over 40 Australian based jewellers, designers and artisans. As we deal directly with the individual artisans there is a world of possibilities when it comes to ring design.

One option are these Explosion rings by Melbourne based jeweller Gillian Hillman. Not only do they come in different widths (these are just a few of the options) but they can be made in white, yellow or rose gold. We can even do 9ct, 14ct or 18ct versions. We do, of course, make them to specific ring size and we have been known to go up to Z+7 on occasion (which is a mighty big finger).

The moral of the story is if you want to view one of the largest ranges of wedding rings for men then check out our range. You won’t be disappointed.


The Eon signet ring in sterling silver is made using the sand cast technique by Albert Tse.

What is the sand-cast technique I hear you ask?

It’s where an impression (in the case the shape of the signet ring) is pressed into a bed of damp sand. Once the impression is left molten sterling silver is slowly poured into the indentation to form the basic shape of the ring. As the silver bubbles and boils as it hits the sand, air pockets are formed, and little parts of the sand fall away giving this ring its unique texture. After it cools a quick tidy up and polish is all that is needed to end up with a ring that looks as cool as this.