Is it just me or do these top three Burnside rings by Gary Barnes look like wedding cakes?

One of our most popular signets rings is this Sebastian Cilento is called the Fokker and features a Tigers Eye Stone. The Tiger’s eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown colour, has a silky lustre and no two two stones are the same which makes every ring unique.

It’s pretty hot in Melbourne today and although we only have a portable airconditioner we’re planning to be open all day so pop on in but we do have one comment to make:

When you walk into the shop don’t say “Gee, It’s hot in here today” as we already know that and you’ll probably be the 10th person to say the same thing! Just relax, you won’t pass out, we have water if you need to be hydrated during your visit and just enjoy the wonderful range of handcrafted jewellery for men and women.


In this mass produced world of ours we pride ourselves that all of the jewellery stocked at Lord Coconut is handmade in Australian by local jewellers, designers and artisans. One such jeweller is melbourne based Unnon which makes these Chips cufflinks along wit other heavily textured rings, signet rings, lapel pins, pendants and bracelets.


Cufflinks come in all shapes, sizes, designs, making methods and materials just like this lot from Philip Monk.
(L to R & T to B)
– Blue in niobium and fine silver
– Wave in sterling silver
– Purple Rain in titanium and sterling silver
– Flywire in sterling silver
– Skulls in sterling silver
– Blue Green in niobium and fine silver

The two fingered salute can mean many things depending which way you hold your hand including:
– peace baby, peace
– two beers please
– f**k you

Whatever you think this pendant is trying to say, Melbourne based jeweller Ant Hat has killed the design for the Two pendant in oxidised sterling silver.


Australia doesn’t have the gun culture like America but there still appears to be an interest in guns for some strange reason. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of looking in the past and romanticisation of famous outlaws? Maybe it’s just a bunch of guys with an inferiority complex? Either way this Gangster Gun pendant in sterling silver by Silver Cyanide allows those individuals to live out their fantasies.


What could be a better gift from a bride to a groom than a pair of Neo-Classic initial cufflinks in sterling silver by Aimee Sutanto. Every pair is customised with the initials of your choosing making them the perfect wedding day gift.

As Melbourne’s only handcrafted men’s jewellery retail store for men it will come as no suprise that we also specialise in wedding rings for men. If you’re about to get married check out our extensive range of over 100 handmade men’s wedding rings.

The symbol of a cross is one of the most recognisable shapes in the world. Most jewellers make a cross of some sort but some are better than others. This is one of the best!

Eon sand cast sterling silver cross with garnet highlights by Albert Tse.