We take inspiration from all sort of likes, dislikes, trends, fashion, tv and whats happening on the catwalks of London, Paris and New York when developing our ranges of jewellery for men. There is no doubt one of the strong trends this year is tattoo culture and the art of Sailor Jerry. This Anchor with Scroll ring by Metal Couture is a perfect example.


Many people seem to be Breaking Bad fans (although I’ve never watched it myself) but why not celebrate the acclaimed series with this BAD oxidised sterling silver ring by Studio Lux. Just to add some intrigue into the mix it also includes the word GOOD on the opposite side of the ring.

The Evil Eye signet ring in sterling silver by Ant Hat can mean many things in different cultures. It’s a curse or legend believed to be cast by a malevolent glare, usually given to a person when they are unaware.

Whatever way you look at it we thinks its a cool looking signet ring.

Many people think a titanium ring needs to be pretty standard in a flat or a half round shape by David Parker has developed a range of titanium rings a little different than most (working top to bottom):
– Home is where the heart is: titanium outer with an inner sleeve of gold
– GTS: heat treated to highlight the GTS stripes
– Grinder: when you want some texture and you have your grinder handy
– Inlay: a gold inlay highlight
– Constellation: diamond highlights
– Wide GTS: heat treated to highlight the GTS stripes
Little people by TINKY

Roll pressed Closed Textured wedding rings in various golds by Melanie Ihnen. The texture is ‘pressed’ onto the metal by rolling the textured place and gold through a rolling mill.

When photographing behind the scenes on how silver and gold jewellery is made you get really cool shots like this one by Albert Tse. It shows his gas torch heating the precious metal to turn it into a liquid so he can cast the desired piece of hand forged jewellery.

When people think of rings they often think of a ring being made from either silver or gold. That is not always the case as some jewellers, like the talented Gavin Macsporran, makes rings from silver (polished or oxidised) with a gold highlight. This stack of rings are a great example of what is possible.


Sometimes two heads are better than one!
We’re all familiar with the classic skull ring worn by bikies, goths and shamans. Although they can be pretty cool they’re not a style everyone wants to wear or have stand out on their fingers. Luckily Ant Hat has produced this amazing The Aquaint skull ring in oxidised sterling silver. This one features two skulls forehead to forehead and is designed to sit discretely on your pinky finger.

Lost Wax technique wedding rings are all about the original texture of the wax before the casting and these beauties from Ali Alexander are the perfect examples of what can be achieved. Working from top to bottom they are:
– String in 9ct white gold
– Boston in brushed 9ct rose gold
– Pembroke (Claddagh) in 9ct white gold
– San Francisc in 14ct yellow gold

We’re pretty pleased with the way that out handcrafted jewellery is wrapped when purchased in-store or online. Each of our vintage books has a hole cut out of the middle which allows us to hide your cufflinks, wedding ring, signet ring, pendant, tie bar or lapel pin in it. It’s become our calling card.

See video here: wrapping