Some people want a wedding ring that is a little different to the others and these Damascus rings by Luke Grant are a great example. This Damascus is actually surgical grade stainless steel which he purchases in a billet (log) and then slices off a piece to turn on his lathe to get the final ring. He can add texture with his grinder, shape the ring flat or half round, change the pattern depending upon if he cuts a vertical or horizontal slice and acid etches them to bring out the pattern. The perfect alternate men’s wedding ring.

One of the coolest jewellery techniques is making a ring out of an old coin. The technique is pretty cool as you take curved lettering and with the magic of jewellery making make it straight. It’s a bit of a mind f**k about how its done but this process shot by William the Jewellery helps explain it better in a visual way.


It’s always hard to find an Australian gift that isn’t tacky or on the kitsch side of Australiana…………….until now! These Bushprint cufflinks in sterling silver feature the footprints of many of our native animals including the Emu, Koala, Dingo, Wombat, Crocodile, Frillneck Lizard, Quoll, Tassie Devil, Green Turtle, Possum, Little Penguin and Wedgetail Eagle.


Many people think titanium rings have to be boring but these titanium rings by Emily Becher prove that theory wrong. Working from top to bottom:
– Ripples
– Half Round Ripples
– Wide Ripples
– Milky Way
– Fingerprint
All 5 show that a texture can be applied to titanium rings, the Milky Way shows that you can heat titanium to change its colour whilst the Fingerprint shows that we can get your fingerprint engraved onto a titanium ring.

I’m not always a fan of thumb rings but when I first introduced to the range of etched rings by Alison Raven my view went out the window. Alison’s range of rings, including the Forest, Intersection, Swirl, Puddles and Cobwebs are thin and light enough to make wearing a thumb ring a pleasure.





Is it just me or do these top three Burnside rings by Gary Barnes look like wedding cakes?

One of our most popular signets rings is this Sebastian Cilento is called the Fokker and features a Tigers Eye Stone. The Tiger’s eye is a chatoyant gemstone that is usually a metamorphic rock with a golden to red-brown colour, has a silky lustre and no two two stones are the same which makes every ring unique.

It’s pretty hot in Melbourne today and although we only have a portable airconditioner we’re planning to be open all day so pop on in but we do have one comment to make:

When you walk into the shop don’t say “Gee, It’s hot in here today” as we already know that and you’ll probably be the 10th person to say the same thing! Just relax, you won’t pass out, we have water if you need to be hydrated during your visit and just enjoy the wonderful range of handcrafted jewellery for men and women.


In this mass produced world of ours we pride ourselves that all of the jewellery stocked at Lord Coconut is handmade in Australian by local jewellers, designers and artisans. One such jeweller is melbourne based Unnon which makes these Chips cufflinks along wit other heavily textured rings, signet rings, lapel pins, pendants and bracelets.


Cufflinks come in all shapes, sizes, designs, making methods and materials just like this lot from Philip Monk.
(L to R & T to B)
– Blue in niobium and fine silver
– Wave in sterling silver
– Purple Rain in titanium and sterling silver
– Flywire in sterling silver
– Skulls in sterling silver
– Blue Green in niobium and fine silver