Beth Croce is a Johns Hopkins (USA) trained, certified medical artist whose 18 years as a biomedical illustrator has inspired the Bioperspective line of anatomical jewellery and anatomical cufflinks. Her art jewellery is informed by her award-winning professional illustration work and takes anatomically accurate jewellery to a new level.

These original works are hand carved in wax before being cast into precious metal and hand finished. Beth is continually adding to the line and enjoys creating custom pieces that relate to science and the natural world.

Pieces include: heart, total arterial bypass, brain, cranium, eye, pancreas, inner ear, ear drum, lungs, vertebra, tooth, pancreas and uterus.

The total arterial bypass jewellery or cufflinks can be customied for any specific bypass surgery the wearer may have had. this customisation can take between 2-4 weeks for delivery.

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