21st May to 7th June

We surround ourselves with technology from the humble PC to the latest in high-tech gadgetry – now men can adorn themselves with the components of the modern age. Lord Coconut’s latest exhibition ‘Binary’ features handcrafted pieces by Australian designers showcasing all things computers. Tech buffs will delight in Kim Jonsson’s cufflinks featuring computer lingo, “These are acronyms commonly heard in the world of IT helpdesks so why not wear them on your sleeve?” The cufflinks are inscribed with the phrases RTFM – “Read the fucking manual” and PEBKAC – “Problem exists between keyboard and chair.” “I’ve used humour in these pieces and they’re sure to be a conversation starter,” Kim says.     Recycled components also feature heavily in the exhibition. Channel surfing couch potatoes can take the remote with them with the Remote Control Wrist Cuff wristband made from recycled TV remote buttons. According to artist Tracey Glasser, “remote controls are a part of everyday life – with my design I have taken an everyday item and recycled it to create a unique accessory.”             Handcrafted pendants designed by Brian Wood embellish different elements of technology. The Binary Evolution Pendant includes a distinctive yin and yang design with binary symbols to represent the contrasts between different characteristics in the world. The Information Retrieval Unit Pendant is a statement piece showing the role of computer circuitry in modern technology. Brian states, “Information storage is the most critical part of all technology and is represented in this pendant.”           Binary will be on display at Lord Coconut until Saturday, 7th June 2014. Exhibiting jewellers include: Beth Croce, Ginkoh Jewellery, Kim Jonsson, Ali Alexander, Brian Wood, Patricia Denis, Justine Austen and Tracey Glasser.