Mulga wood ashtrays, shell houses, souvenir spoons, tea towels or a southern cross tattoo. We all have (or had) a secret collection of these fabulous, or not so fabulous, souvenirs of our travels throughout Australia. Lord Coconut is celebrating Australia Day 2012 with his own take on Kitsch Australiana with this exhibition. Local jewellers, designers and artisans were challenged to create jewellery or a display piece which represents their own view of kitsch Australiana.
Lauren Pitts says “Like a lot of Australians I grew up reading May Gibbs Gumnut babies. They taught me to have a well deserved respect for our flora and fauna and spark wonder and awe at the magic of their secret worlds. I hope my resin necklace pays adequate respect to both May Gibbs and our local flora”.
“The segments of salvaged lino from kitchen floors all over Australia which I make into iconic map of Australia brooches” says Liz Jones, “remind me no matter how far away from home I am, there is always a little piece of Australia close to my heart reminding me of the long hot summers at holiday shacks when I was a child”
As an outsider to the sport, Beth Croce states “The mark made off the back of a friend or foe strikes me as the pinnacle of aussie rules athleticism. My print highlights how both players contribute to the drama in this indigenous game”
The exhibition runs in-store until 11 February 2012.
Fabric Jewels by Natasha DeSilva

I’ve been everywhere man by Dianne Erdmanis

Gumnut by Lauren Pitt

The Mighty Tigers by Justine Austen

Captain Rook by Andrew V Weatherill

Emu by Tim Murray

Tea Towel Landscape by Jo Grant

The Mark by Beth Croce

I Still Call Australia Home by Liz Jones

Australian Mulga by Tim Murray