Emily is a jeweller based in Melbourne working from a shared studio in Kensington’s Ironside Studios. Her work is quite varied with several divergent ranges that each explore distinctive concepts allowing for experimentation with different techniques.

Her heavily textured range stocked by Lord Coconut explores the tangible experience of acquisition, the tactile nature and connection that one can encounter with their choice of adornment. Her work investigates the playful nature of interacting with moving elements, the sparkle of light reflecting from surfaces and the base characteristics of surface texture that allow one to visually and physically engage with ones choice of embellishment.

Emily graduated from NMIT with an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery in 2012 with High Distinction. This follows an academic trail of consistency to perform at a high level winning numerous awards, the most recent recognition received in 2012 from the Gold & Silversmiths Guild of Australia for Best Hand Skills, and has since been accepted as a Fellow member of the Guild in 2013. Her work has been selected for a range of prestigious exhibitions including Contemporary Australian Silver & Metalwork Award 2013, Graduate Metal ’13 and Contemporary Wearables ’13.

Large Triangle sterling silver cufflinks – $220


Medium Triangle sterling silver cufflinks – $220


Folded Corners sterling silver cufflinks – $200


Small Triangle sterling silver cufflinks – $195


Flat Angles sterling silver pendant – $135


V sterling silver necklace – $220


Cushion Square sterling silver pendant – $95


Cushion Square oxidised sterling silver pendant – $95


Spin sterling silver ring – $355


3 Stack sterling silver ring – $130


3 Stack sterling silver ring – $130