A group exhibition of men’s jewellery at Lord Coconut

Exhibition opening: Wednesday 22 May 2013      5.30-7.30pm
Exhibition: 23 May – 8 June 2013
Melbourne’s foremost men’s jewellery emporium, Lord Coconut, continues its love affair with handcrafted jewellery. ‘Indelible’ is a group exhibition of men’s jewellery inspired by vintage and contemporary tattoo art.
Each of the exhibition pieces, submitted by Australian jewellers, artisans and designers have been inspired by vintage tattoos, dragons, sailor jerry, roses, celtic symbols, and anime. The variety of pieces presented within the exhibition are as personal as your own choice of tattoo.
Participants include: Justine Austen, Emily Belcher, Sebastian Cilento, Metal Couture, Beth Croce, Silver Cyanide, Petr Hanzak, Frances Rose Jewellery, Windfall Jewellery, David Parker, Tim Peel, R M Perry, Melanie Rice and Roxanne Watts.
Silver Cyanide has submitted a number of pieces such as the Faith, Hope & Charity neck piece based upon a classic tattoo flash design. The Silver Cyanide jeweller explains “My range is inspired by all things Rockabilly, Retro and Vintage. With the explosion of Sailor Jerry style vintage tattoos, my pieces are a perfect addition for Dames, Dolls and Guys looking for this particular aesthetic”.
Emily Becher, who submitted a sterling silver necklace titled “Complementary Opposites” explains “The ‘Yin Yang’ symbol is a common tattoo, reinvented through the ages and cultures from its traditional black and white symbol through to more detailed designs incorporating dragons, fish, tigers, water, fire, amongst various other combinations. My necklace explores this ubiquitous symbol that is as indelible in our minds as much as it is on our skin”.
At the other end of the spectrum, many people have tattoos that they are no longer proud of, especially those found on the fingers and knuckles. Melbourne jeweller a.l.i.Alexander has created a series of Tattoo Frame rings designed to either hide the tattoo in question or to frame it on the finger to give the tattoo new life. Alexander explains “we all do things in our youth that we later regret. I hope my rings address the need to hide or re-invigorate one of life’s little indiscretions”.
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