Exhibition Opening: 5:00pm - 7:00pm 28 August 2018
Exhibition: 29 August 2018 - 11 September 2018

Discover the intersection of art and fashion at this in-store exhibition.

How does Melbourne fashion and art intersect? What is Melbourne fashion and does it influence art or does art influence Melbourne fashion?

This unique in-store exhibition curated exclusively for MFW features artistic interpretations of Melbourne fashion and its influences using a humble canvas hand puppet as a starting point.

The exhibition features submissions from ADi, Nina Bove, Miranda Costa, Donna Cranley, Robert lee Davis, Kelly Duckworth, Aly de Groot, Patricia Denis, Kerrie Farnsworth, Sai Wai Foo, Felicity Hayward, Helen Heap, Vikkhi Hillyer, Amy Mills, Nerea li Santi, Simon Setter, Sultana Shamshi and Sara Thorn.




Fifi wears Melbourne Noir by Kelly Duckworth

Pablo heart Dora by Helen Heap

Lola by Sara Thorn

After Paul Klee by Robert lee Davis

BOHO by Sultana Shamshi

Lady of Leisure by Donna Cranley

Monster in Fringe by Nerea li Santi

Melba by Patricia Denis

The original hand puppet

Abramelin by ADi

A confused bird holds an item by Kerrie Farnsworth

More is more, less is a bore by Sai-Wai Foo

Black Coffee @ MFW by Amy Mills

The Observer by Miranda Costa

Far from fashion week by Aly de Groot

Untitled by Felicity Hayward

Judy: Colour on the Black Canvas by Nina Bove

Solaman by Simon Setter

Sybil by Simon Setter