Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 14 August 2015
Exhibition: 15 August 2015 - 25 August 2015

In carbonx2, two Victorian artists explore the contrasts and paradoxes of working with this single chemical element that can constitute both one of the softest known substances, as well as the hardest naturally occurring material.

Carbon is the element at the heart of all known forms of life. It has unique properties and myriad forms.

David McCubbin uses carbon’s softest form – graphite – in his fanciful and intricate drawings on paper.

ali Alexander works with carbon’s hardest allotrope – diamond – together with gold, silver, pearls and more, to make witty and wearable jewellery.

“This exhibition is interesting to me because carbon comes in so many forms. and it’s a shape shifter,” she says.

“David’s work is so different to mine because graphite drawing is instant, whereas the creation of jewelry takes planning, making waxes, casting the heated metal, polishing and finishing. But essentially, we’re working with the same substance”.


The pieces in this exhibition use black diamonds, diamond slices, rose cuts and everything else ali has been able to get her hands on. Every piece has a story and she’s even done a Las Vegas wedding ring.


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