Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 28 August 2018
Exhibition: 8 August 2018 - 31 August 2018

Artist name –

Min Capp

Artist statement-
The humble plumb bob, used for thousands of years and a symbol of the building crafts is central to my creative representation and exploration of place, identity and home. The plumb bob is a tool which facilitates the translation from a two dimensional envisioned plan to three dimensional material structure. This simple haptic tool and its application is intrinsic to the built structures and architectural forms which become a home with all their internal nuances, a space in which we embody. In my work, the plumb bob is experienced as the central pivot that is always returned to, a point of equilibrium, a representation of place, order and harmony.

Installation statement-
My installation is intended to evoke a sense of balance and equilibrium. Plumb bobs are suspended from the ceiling at varying heights and find a point of balance just above small white structures sitting on a black surface below. These structures symbolise and reference architectural details and buildings, emphasising and evoking the notion of a symbiotic relationship between the plumb bobs and architectural forms. This work is presented in black and white as a means of focusing on the elements that make up the installation (plumb bobs are formed copper, powder coated black and the architectural structures are wooden blocks painted white)


Presented as part of Craft Cubed Window Walk