Exhibition Opening: 3:00pm - 5:00pm 3 September 2011
Exhibition: 30 August 2011 - 17 September 2011

“Dear Father”, an in-store exhibition, has been curated by Lord Coconut as part of the Melbourne Spring Fashion Week 2011 Look.Stop.Shop program. The exhibition is an historical exhibition of vintage postcards Lord Coconut sent to his father, whilst travelling on his grand tour between 1898 and 1911. During this time, Lord Coconut visited a number of countries throughout the world and sent back both the postcard and a small trinket which represented his travels in each country.

Exhibition pieces and their details


Justin Siow

   “Cicada Absinthe Spoon” from Montmartre, France 2011 Titanium (constructed from most of the two hand cut rectangles of titanium) 12.5cm x 3cm Dear father, I am writing to you from Paris where I have found myself immersed in the bohemian culture of Montmartre. Whilst here I have been introduced to “la fée verte” (the green fairy), a curious anise-flavoured spirit called absinthe. Its preparation requires the drinker to place a sugar cube on top of a specially designed slotted spoon that is then placed atop a glass filled with a measure of absinthe. Ice-cold water is then dripped over the sugar cube so that it is dispersed through the spirit. Please find enclosed a spoon designed for such purpose. I hope you enjoy it! – LC


David Parker

   “Nanook – Polar Bear” from Arctic, Canada 2011 Sterling Silver 4.5cm high Dear father, I find myself in the far north of the American continent. This postcard portrays a sunny situation but at this point in time it is far from this pleasant vista. The temperature is well below freezing and only the hardiest of Inuit can survive here year round. Please find enclosed a small sculpture of the polar bear – Urcus Martimus. Here they believe that the bear will only allow respectful hunters to kill them. In death the hunters offer tools to the bear – and in doing so the bear can take the tools into the hereafter. – A truly fascinating people and religion!



   “Dear Father seal” from Clevedon, United Kingdom 2011 Cast Sterling Silver and Roman Coin minted in London between 317-326AD 5cm high (coin: 1.8cm diameter) Dear father, It is an age since I last corresponded, and for that I apologise. I hope this little trinket will alleviate any sorrow that may engulf your heart. Clevedon is a pleasant town. I have not partaken of the current fashion for sea bathing, but rather have been on many walks around the town. On one walk I found a Roman coin, seemingly just placed upon the ground for my foot and eye to find it. I have coerced a local silversmith into setting it into this seal. It has not yet been engraved. I have arranged with an excellent man in the colonies to engrave two initials of your wish. I hope not to be so tardy with my future correspondence. With much affection, Your son PS: The coin was minted in London in about 320AD according to the people I have discussed it with in the local taphouse.


Tamara Hain

   “Carp/Dragon necklace” from Hanoi, Vietnam 2011 Oxidised Sterling Silver and Jet Dragon pendant: 2cm sq. Chain: 75cm long Dear father I realise today that you taught me to be the dragon. You see here in Hanoi, young children learn that although you may be born a carp you must work hard to become the dragon and so to succeed. Thank you father for such lessons, I hope someday to become half the dragon you are. I have seen such sights and there is so much more to tell of this journey on my return. Until then, stay well. With love, your son LC


Vikki Kassioras

   “Yohohama signet ring” from Yohohama, Japan 2011 Sterling Silver, Bronze &Nickel Silver Mokume-gane, Waxed cord & PatinaSize W Dear Father, While in Yohohama I was able to obtain a small piece of the rare Mokume-gane metal made by a highly skilled smith. Under my direction a local craftsman has set it in a ring and added a small flourish of his own – the tassel. I was also able to procure a sword made from this metal but will keep it with me until my return. I hope this latest souvenir from my travels finds you well. Your loving son.


Kath O’Neill

   “Outback Vaquero” Rowels from Granada, Spain 2011 Fine and Sterling Silver 3cm x 0.8cm Dear Father, Have reached Alhambra and now resting up, taking the “cure” as advised. Monks are quiet chaps, not much English, and food here a pleasant surprise, wonderful Madeira although sparing. Got lucky at cards, and able to pay monks up front. Sending you what is left of silver spurs, after I had most of them melted down for travelling expenses. Bit tricky, smithy here not happy about doing it, these blokes take their horse gear very serious, which is why I’m sending you these rowels. We shall set up Squatter’s and Stockmen’s gear, Spanish style. Also in talks with monks about a supply of Madeira. Take care, yours affectionately, Lord C.


Beth Croce

   “Heart brooch” from Bombay, India 2011 Sterling Silver, Silk, Linen and Ashes 4.5cm x 2.5cm Dear Father, All’s well here at the Ashram. Waited half the night for a spot in the darshan but hit the jackpot somewhere before dawn, the coveted Private Interview with S.S.B. The Old Boy was in fine form. Enclosed is one of several miracles performed while we watched (abet at a distance of several paces). Kept close to your heart this locket and the vibhuti (sacred ash) within will provide protection when in danger I’m told. But perhaps keep the home alarm system in place for now…. Hope this finds you and Mother well. With love, LC


Emma Bulpit

   “Senegal God” from Dakar, Senegal 2011 Olive Treed Wood and Leather 15cm x 14cm $660 GST included Dear father, Senegal has been good to me! You would love it here, one of the many traditions in beautiful Dakar is Folk wrestling! Hope you enjoy your new adornment. Love Lord Coconut


Deeana Michela

   “New Amsterdam lapel pin” from New York, America 2011 Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold and Enamel Paint 2cm x 1.2cm with 3cm pin Dear father, I have arrived in New York City. It is a place like no other! As it is in the middle of a construction boom, there are beautiful New-Art style buildings being erected all over the city. I have enclosed a gift for you, inspired by the first theatre built on Broadway, the New Amsterdam Theatre, designed in this New-art style. I hope you enjoy it. Until next time, father Lord Coconut