Exhibition Opening: 1 January 1970
Exhibition: 20 January 2020 - 8 February 2020

The preoccupation of perceived physical defects or flaws in one’s appearance in-store exhibition

Presented as part of Midsumma Festival 2020

Textile artist Andrew Delaney (Anno Domini Home) delves deep into the human psyche with his in-store exhibition of strange and unsettling Victorian human specimens. Body image aberrations and psychological twists go beyond the norm and all the labels, to question what it really is to be human….

Stripped bare, fabric becomes flesh and bone, each stitch a revelation into how we see ourselves rather than how others perceive us. Fragility and beauty in the grotesque, our flaws and differences are a celebration of our own inner freak……

Delaney states: “The Abandoned Baby brings up all sorts of emotions for people. Some may have lost a child, but regardless of age or circumstance there is a great uneasiness about a defenseless child. Feelings of loss or sadness and even compassion accompany this child and it’s up to the viewer to fathom the intent behind it. Its softness and handmade  nature ultimately leaves the onlooker apathetic and in a moral quandary”.

He also says “When the viewer is faced with the well-worn The Straight Jacket piece, a person may have several different reactions depending where they are in their own lives. An older generation will indeed know of the often-barbaric use of the jacket in the treatment of mental illness and psychotic behavior. Urban myths abound. A middle generation of people may associate it with restraint and magical escapism, maybe even sexualize it. A younger generation again will know the zombie horror movie and the thrill of the maniac. Is it a trophy or a tragedy?”

This show has a simulated medical anatomy warning.





Shown in the wonderfully eclectic LORD COCONUT store on the corner of Lonsdale and Elizabeth streets, DIS-MORPHIA sits amongst a myriad of gentlemen’s contemporary fine jewellery and prized ornaments….