Exhibition Opening: 5:00pm - 7:00pm 19 September 2017
Exhibition: 20 September 2017 - 7 October 2017

Hedonism is an exhibition of white cotton baseball caps which have been embellished, painted, sculpted, modified and the like by local artisans and is proudly presented as part of the Fringe Festival 2017.






Reach for the Stars by The Huxleys

The grass is greener by Tinky

William do tell me something by Constanze Zikos

Refugee Crisis by Michael Fikaris

Eat Me by Sara Thorn

Collars by Chongettes

Cockhead (male privilege) by Kerrie Farnswoth I

Crow by Jo Harrison

The Birdwatcher by Steve Monroe

Trump – make america eat again by M.Fitch

All you need is love (and money) by Holly-Anne Buck- Collagism

Bakaneko by Markus Encel

Catfish Jones by James Wilson

Construction Lines by Jo Harrison

Holy Cunt by Felicity Hayward

Lets go to the Beach by junkyprojects

Pearls of Wison by Ali Alexander

Thinking Cap by David McCubbin

Yokai by Markus Encel

Button up by Jenny Mai Hall

Fox Skull by Lewis Bronlie

Russkid by Russkid

Coke Head by MO

Dreaming of Heath by Rebecca Hartley

Duck Cao by Richard Morrison

Freedom by Mia Straka

Testosertoad by Lia Tabrah

Let your hair down by Julie Kiefel

Run your fingers through my heonic by Beth Hulme

A Matter of Context by Nina Bove

Joy to the World by Eddie Botha

Open by Miranda Costa