Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 3 August 2012
Exhibition: 3 August 2012 - 25 August 2012

The workbench of Justine Austen

“Lord Coconut is known for his exclusive range of handmade jewellery for men. How each piece of jewellery is made has remained a mystery……….until now. The man himself has been granted exclusive access to the work benches of a number of jewellers involved in the store. This has enabled him to film each of them at their work benches making their exhibition pieces. As these pieces take time, he has sped up the process considerably for our enjoyment.”

Dan McGill – view video online

Dan McGill at his workbench

Justin Siow – view video online

Justin Siow at his workbench


Justine Austen – view video online

ustine Austen at her workbench


Nadine Treister – view video online

Nadine Treister at her workbench


Metal Couture – view video online

William Griffiths in his studio

Suse Scholem – view video online

Suse Scholem workbench


“I Made This” is presented as part of the Craft Victoria Craft Cubed Festival Satellite Program.

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