Exhibition Opening: 5:00pm - 7:00pm 28 August 2017
Exhibition: 25 August 2017 - 9 September 2017

Contemporary jewellery presented by artists of SquarePeg Studios, Sydney


Locked investigates ideas of the unseen and the forbidden, both in the political and personal realm. What are the consequences of denying access to ourselves and to others? How open should we be? Where do we draw the ‘line’?

In this exhibition six artists associated with Squarepeg Studios (Sydney) investigate a unique line of enquiry in response to this powerful word. Work presented for Locked showcases varied jewellery techniques using precious and non-precious materials. The artsts are Linda Blair, Emily Copp, Elizabeth Mitchell, Fiona Meller, Margarita Sampson and Albert Tse

Locked will be presented at Lord Coconut as a part of Radiant Pavilion – a six-day curated program celebrating the many aspects of contemporary jewellery and object practice in Melbourne and from around the world. Now in its fourth year, Radiant Pavilion showcases both national and international artists in various venues around the city. Radiant Pavilion runs from 26th August to 3rd September.

Note: A special Meet the Makers event will be occurring on Monday 28th August (see details in Opening above)

Locked neckpiece 2017 – Linda Blair

Fiona Meller

‘Long Division: Body as Disappearing Vessel’ 2017 – Margarita Sampson

Nexus Series 1 – Emily Copp

Secrets – Albert Tse


Locked neckpiece- copper, amethyst, enamel, sterling silver, steel

In this piece, I chose to take the concept of Locked as literally as possible by recreating a lock from the 16th century. I am interested in the use of enamel to describe three dimensional objects in what is a s close as possible a two-dimensional form.



Emily Copp is a contemporary jewellery and object designer maker based in Sydney. Working with a fusion of both old and new technologies and materials, she has shown work in many group exhibitions, as well as presenting her work solo during Sydney’s Art Month in 2016.

Environmental and ethical concerns inform and motivate her pieces which meander through the design and creation of both jewellery forms and tableware objects within her practice.



Fiona Meller has worked as a jeweller/sculptor for the past decade. She has qualifications in visual arts, object design and jewellery. She has exhibited her work at Sculpture by the Sea (2014) as well as many galleries throughout Australia. She has won awards for her jewellery and sculpture.



In 2010 Margarita Sampson was awarded at Churchill Fellowship for investigations into contemporary jewellery, where she undertook European internships. Sculptural works have been included in the Waterhouse Art Prize (winner, Object section) 2012, Gold Coast Art Prize 2012, Willoughby Sculpture Prize 2013, Wynne Prize 2013, Fisher’s Ghost Art Prize 2015, The Blake Prize for Religious Art 2016 & Sculpture by the Sea in 2011, 2012, 2014- 2017 winning the Andrea Stretton Memorial Award in 2011 & again in 2016. Sampson divides her practice between sculpture and jewellery. Margarita is represented by Stanley Street Gallery, Sydney.



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