Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 13 September 2019
Exhibition: 12 September 2019 - 12 October 2019

Honey isa dancer and is ready to love by Jonathon Harris

Herradura by Roy Brian Carvajal

Growth Pony by Maha

Cosmic Sroll by Lukas Kasper

Cera by Patricia Denis

Blackest Black by Chris Longshaw

Kelpies bt Roy Brian Carvajal

My Little Anatomical Pony by Beth Croce

My Little Pony of Hearts by Miranda Costa

My Little Punky by laure Rachon

My Little Puppy by Beth Hulme

My Little Race Against Time by Mia oehlmann

Nightmare Catcher by Euphemia Blackthorne

On Shank’s Pony by gigi Gordes

Pegasus by Studio Lux

Pony Nomad by Barek

Protecting my little inner child by Junky Projects

Quetzalcoatl by Roy Brian Carvajal

Tabanidae by Roy Brian Carvajal

Trojan by anno Domini Home

Trojan Horse by Roy Brian Carvajal

Tziunchan by Roy Brian Carvajal

Zoe Kravitz by Siobhan Sloper

Explore how different artisans have reimagined this iconic toy by adults for adults.

We’re all looking for something that reminds us of our youth only to discover, once found, it doesn’t always live up to our memories. This exhibition of modified My Little Pony toys explores how we interpret, as adults, the meaning behind such an iconic toy from our childhood.

Each repurposed toy has been moulded, painted, sculpted and/or modified to reflect the artistic practice of local designers, crafters and artisans for this exclusive to Melbourne Fringe in-store exhibition.

Participants include street artists, sculptors, anatomical illustrators, witches, costume designers and visual artists. This exhibition is presented as part of Melbourne Fringe.

Participating artists include: Anno Domini Home, Barek, Beth Croce, Beth Hulme, Chris Longshaw, Jonathon Harris, Gigi Gordes, Juliette Claire, Junky Projects, Laure Rachon, Lukas Kasper, Maha, Mia Oehlmann, Miranda Costa, Patricia Denis, Roy Brian Carvajal, Siobhan Sloper, Studio Lux and Euphemia Blackthorne.

Reimagined by adults for adults.


0813Mc-Real toys of the imagination by Juliette Claire