Exhibition Opening: 5:00pm - 7:00pm 28 August 2019
Exhibition: 28 August 2019 - 7 September 2019

Lord Coconut is pleased to announce the 7th annual Melbourne Cufflink Exhibition & Acquisitive Student Prize for 2019.

Students from relevant part time and full time undergraduate and postgraduate courses in jewellery/object based design, gold and silversmithing, visual arts (jewellery) etc at ANU, Design Centre Enmore, Melbourne Polytechnic, Monash, QCA Griffith, RMIT, Sydney College of the Arts, TasTAFE, UNISA and UNSWAD. Other courses may also be considered (please contact Mark at Lord Coconut to discuss).

These students are encouraged to submit a pair of cufflinks which they created in 2018. This exhibition features the best of these submissions. The acquisitive prize is valued at $500 and will be announced on opening night.

Entry details can be found HERE


The Festival Program has been released and we’re looking forward to seeing the fabulous work of the next generation of jewellery designers at Melbourne Fashion Week

Stone by Liyuan Mao // The stone reflects life, which is not perfect. Just like nature, beauty is in the imperfections.

Fish by Coco Boyd-Reid

Puzzle by Kirari Takahashi // I wanted to make a piece that’s fun to wear. When wearing them, makes you want to play.

WINNER: Sticks and Stones by Jacki Stone // ‘Sticks and Stones’ are a study in collecting, salvaging, re-purposing and valuing materials. Using design and re-purposing and recycling scraps, off-cuts and collected bits they become valued and admired.

Her breast is fit for pearls by Deborah Fisher // “her breast is fit for pearls, But I was not a “diver” – Her brow is fit for thrones But I have not a crest, Her heart is fit for home – I-a sparrow- build there Sweet of twigs and twine My perennial nest. Emily Dickinson, 1859. These cufflinks have been inspired by this love letter from Emily to her sister in law Susan Huntington Dickinson.

Coral by Kate Champion

Titanium Shapes by Teri Bartolo // Teri Barolo has created this piece using heat treated titanium sheets, achieving a deep purple hue as a contrast against the sterling silver body. The unpredictability of the heat testing process has made this pair a unique piece. The forms are inspired by industrial shapes with the cufflink pair emulating the repition of circular and square forms found in urban environments.

B1, B2, B3 and B4 by A.C.N.Seymour // Handmade, die formed and casted……Hayne Royal Commission into misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry. 2019

To Forget by Tess Gourlay // These cufflinks were created using the lost wax casting method. Working with the wax allowed my final piece to have a softer, more organic look that I feel flattered the pearls. Pearls have always been a strong fascination of mine. The contrast of the encompassed pearls illumenesence against the snake reminds me of something once precious, now forgotten.

Pistachio Power by Janine Maher // Cast pistachio nut shell in sterling silver, soldered onto handmade cufflink backs. A strong and durable organic design with a touch of class. Featuring both polished and satin finishes.

Creating Memories by Karen Visagie // The shadow box design of these cufflinks represent a place, both physical and in memory. The place being my father’s garage and the fond memories I have of him spending hours creating and building with wood and other materials. His garage always was and still is a very special place to me. The cogs are represenrtative of the tools he uses, like the circular saw implemented to cut down larger pieces of wood. I fabricated the rivet tops to resemble the tyical screws used in wood working.

Foxy Boy by Camila Soto // Piece inspired in origami technique. I tried to represent a fox in a way that it is not so literal. The metal is bent and soldered to achieve the form like if it were paper.

Bluestone is a boys best friend by Lana Sheppard // My cufflinks are inspired by seeing Victorian Bluestone everywhere, from suburbia to the CBD. I made a mould and filled it with a composite of ground Bluestone and resin. Sterling silver sheet and chenier were the other components used. I wanted to create something unique hence the oversized butterfly backs which are usually reserved for earrings. The cufflinks are reversible and unisex. The play on words in the title refers to “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”

Jigsaw by quiqi Chen // The jigsaw piece is a part of a picture. The cufflink piece is a part of a shirt. So what (is) makes life a part of? Hope is for everyone to find the missing part.

Winged Serpent by Vanessa Pearl // A reminder to remain grounded while always reaching for the stars

Elemental (Space Rocks) by Alicia Lane // Meteors hit the earth with surprising frequency, often burning up in the atmosphere and sometimes hitting the Earth’s surface. They are composed of various materials and are thought to have carried spores that seeded life on Earth. These cufflinks mimic the ambiguity of molten rock and microscopic lifeforms, mysterious forms that could be either. The proesses used to create tham are both controlled and chaotic, harnessing elemental forces to create an object that signifies the creation and complexities of life on earth.

Seen by Indigo Rawson-Smith // These eyes were each hand carved from wax to reflect the unique beauty that can be found in the imperfection that nature bestows on us. Through Lost wax casting these eyes were cast in sterling silver, the chain has been hand made also in sterling silver as have the bars which are hand carved.

Taiping Tongbao by Ellen Lozano Rapaccioli // Making of Peace coin cast during the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom

Chompby Dilani Delpechitra // A pair of sterling silver cufflinks featuring fossiised dinosaur bone that is brown in colour. I have cut and polished it into circular domed cabochons. These cabochons display a subtle cell structure. I chose to set these using serrated bezels – like sharp teeth – to add to the prehistoric theme. For the backs, I used sheet silver of the same thickness as the bezel settings, and constructed the links in the middle using square wire to tie the components together. I gave them a matte finish, and put a polished finish on the edges for some contrast.

Bacon and Eggs by Hayley Rees // For the man who loves to cook and the man who loves to eat. This piece is inspired by the English fry-up breakfast. It is made using sterling silver for the skillet, copper for the bacon and brass for the egg yolk. It has a satin finish. This piece gives a whole new meaning to ‘you have food on your shirt’

What will you put into the cubes by ai-Ling Chiou // If those cubes are little containers what will you put into them to carry with you when you wear them? Something you can see like valuable stuff? How about something you “cannot” see? Like knowledge, love or memory. Let’s fill up the “empty” cubes with something but not “substance”.

Face It by Kira Edwards // Exploring the theme of being a human and embracing the imperfections and experiences that make each person unique. The intention for the ‘face it’ cufflinks is to provide friends for the sleeves to give strength and some rustic luck to face the day and what lies ahead. made by the lost art of wax casting and oxidised black. Each of the two faces has slightly different detailing because no two faces are the same.

Melt-Unkown Origin by Juliette Claire ?/ The title Melt and blue hues of the titanium are odes to the world we reap. These cufflinks are made up of three metals – sterling silver, coloured titanium and gold. They are titled so as the ingot of gold is the unknown carat and was gifted to me, the silver I buy over a counter and could come from anywhere and the titanium is also from mines I know nothing of. I named them so for my ignorance of their origin and my desire to know more where my materials come from. Ignorance is never an excuse.

Fo-xy by Jean Nicolas-Weryha // This fox leap above obstacles like no one, but sometime we get stuck a bit in the past and ahead thinking of the future and forget to live the present moment.

Eye of the Storm by Madeline Loughran // Handmade cabochon New Zealand Paua shells symbolising the depth, beauty and allure of the ocean; set in a round nautical rope bezel, bound by chain and anchor. These cufflinks are inspired by my brother, who is currently at sea aboard the tall ship Windeward Bound in Tasmania