Exhibition Opening: 12:00pm - 4:00pm 8 August 2015
Exhibition: 8 August 2015 - 8 August 2015

Definition: A close, prolonged association between two or more different organisms of different species that may, but does not necessarily, benefit each member. Watch prolific artist ADi develop a symbiotic relationship……….cubed: 1. between ADi and Lord Coconut 2. between his art and his first foray into jewellery making 3. between ADi and the Leadbeater Possum This in-store event features ADi sculpting a wax skull of Victoria’s critically endangered fauna emblem the Leadbeater Possum. The finished wax skull will be cast in sterling silver and made into cufflinks for later sale. Ten percent of all sales will be donated to Friends of Leadbeaters Possums.   Leadbeaters Possum image   Presented as part of Craft Cubed.