Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 1 August 2013
Exhibition: 2 August 2013 - 17 August 2013

  The Melbourne Cufflink: exhibition and student prize   LORD COCONUT is pleased to announce the in-augural Melbourne Cufflink exhibition and acquisitive student prize to the value of $500. 14 students who were currently enrolled in the following courses submitted cufflinks to the exhibition: – RMIT Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), specialising in Object Based Practice – Box Hill Institute Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design – NMIT PT Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery stream), 2yr FT Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery stream); 3yr apprenticeship Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture  


THE ROADSTER BY CHRIS MASSEY Vroom! Vroom! Gentleman, start your engines! Holeshot the starting line with these supercharged, spoked Roadster cufflinks. Lead with speed, and leave the others in the dust.   SEA OF SERENITY BY ZOE BEMAN For the child within us Who looked to the stars For the adult we became Who has never stopped dreaming Inspired by Space   FINGER BY JANA KING Through the use of the lost wax casting technique I have designed these exclusive anatomical cufflinks.         RENAISSANCE BY SAMANTHA CARR The floral design and curly lines are inspired by the Renaissance period. It’s blackened and brushed appearance enhances each fine detail and creates a manlier finish. The deep red stones beautifully contrast against the sterling silver. The placement of the stones is to add an element of surprise to the piece as they are slightly hidden.   TWIG BY YU ISHITO The organic twig cufflinks are cast from real twigs of Australian trees you can find in your garden. Even the mechanism is part of the design, made from twigs. It’s a unisex design even though traditionally cufflinks are for men’s clothes.   SIMPLE LIFE BY MAN CHIANG Life is simple, simple is best. That is my design concept. It is fun to have something unexpected in our life. I put a silver bead in the cufflink to create some movement and make it more animate like life.   SOFT WHITE BY PHILIP MONK I love to work with silver and occasionally semi precious stones. I enjoy exploring the use of form, shape and texture to create original pieces of jewellery that people will love to own and wear. I am particularly attracted to the beautiful soft white lustre of fine silver and used it in these cufflinks to create a sense of simple elegance. The cufflinks were created from sterling silver with a thin layer of fine silver. The fine silver surface was then textured and the piece was forded and polished.   SHIPS OF LOVE AND WAR BY MEGAN GREENWOOD Megan has explored the themes of love and loss, a journey of sailors who go off to war, learning behind the woman who loved them. Using a combination of found materials from the sea and domestic objects to impress into cuttlefish molds, Megan creates broiling sea mementoes. Reminding the wearer of what they left behind. An old silhouette, it further creates an aesthetic of being weathered and ship wrecked. As if the ships are drawn from under the sea to relive the battle that kept them from their loves.   DUSK BY MELANIE HILDER Exploring the textures, shapes and patterns of our natural environment and the ways in which it is forever growing and changing with time. Influenced by the love for nature and how the jeweller sees the world around her. It explores the shapes and textures of an Australian Paperbark Tree, created by the shadows at dusk. The layers of the thin silver represent the peeling of the bark and the forms that they can create. As the sun sets, a glow of red is cast across the tree tops after a hot summer’s day and this is captured in the dark red garnet.   THE MELBOURNE MAN BY SAMANTHA LEE Easy Rider meets the Melbourne Man. He is successful, together, admired. Has effortless control of his destiny and a handle on society. Aware, ambitious and resolved he dominates at the top of his game. Balanced and re-energised by the allure of the open road, the quiet escape. The master of his life – The definition of debonair.   DRIFTWOOD BY GEORGIA PIGNOLET The work comes from the beauty of nature. I love what our earth can create and I just want to show this through my work. I grew up on the beach with all the amazing colours and animals around me. This lifestyle has had a big impact on my Jewellery. This piece was made from drift wood and twigs. The twigs were cast and I carved the drift wood to create a harmonious relationship between wood and silver.   TANGLED WEB BY LINDA CLARK The work seeks to express the complexity of being human, both public and private aspects.   DEER HORN BY HENRY HAZELDINE          


And the winner is:

ABLATION BY ALICIA HANNAH NAOMI Inspired by the haunting beauty and tragedy of the rapidly retreating glaciers across the Polar Regions, the ablation cufflinks are the jewellers response to the study on the effects of global warming on glacial ice conducted by the Extreme Ice Survey. The EID aims to show epochal change happening within the time frame of human life, and to provide scientists with a photographic record to understand the mechanics and pace of glacial retreat and how it relates to climate change.                  


Application Deadline

5 July 2013


Work must be in the form of a set of cufflinks. Only one set of cufflinks per person can be submitted to the exhibition.


One prize of $500 will be awarded to a pair of cufflinks chosen by Lord and Lady Coconut (Mark & Tamara Boldiston). Ownership of the chosen cufflinks will pass from the jeweller to the Boldiston Family Trust trading as Lord Coconut on receipt of the prize money.

Eligible Courses

– RMIT: Bachelor of Arts (Fine Art), specialising in Object Based Practice – Box Hill Institute: Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design – NMIT: PT Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery stream), 2yr FT Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology (Jewellery stream); 3yr apprenticeship Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture