Exhibition Opening: 5:30pm - 7:30pm 21 January 2019
Exhibition: 22 January 2019 - 16 February 2019

Unzipped features pun-tastic miniature dioramas by Melbourne street artist Tinky who brings her humorous work from the laneways of Melbourne into contemporary boutique Lord Coconut in a titillating exhibition. It celebrates Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival and diversity in all its glory (holes) through a unique world of miniature proportions”.

The exhibition ‘Unzipped’ comprises tiny occupants that exist simply to amuse. Often finding themselves in questionable scenarios, each miniature character persists with a juicy adventure with unwitting wittiness – they know nothing other than fruity folly. Each diorama is complemented by a bawdy narrative that provides comical context.

Artist-in-residence at Melbourne’s Blender Studios and installation street artist, Tinky, works with miniatures and found objects, typically making use of gritty street landscapes in urban environments, where laneway fixtures, or missing bricks, become home to humorous dioramas. Her use of pun-ridden word-play completes each diorama.

This is her third solo exhibition, Tinky brings her work from the outside, in. Making use of vintage finds, oversized objects, and glass cloches, a comical new Midsumma exhibition – Unzipped – is born.


Candy knew she shouldn’t have bought her shoes from a drug dealer. She didn’t know what he’d laced them with, but she’d been tripping all day

His sculpting teacher kept telling George size didn’t matter, but he really wasn’t convinced

I told my boyfriend if he took one more photo of me naked I’d leave him. That’s when he snapped

Jake had been waiting for his big break in roller derby; when finally, it happened

Josh had been working hard and was an upstanding member of the Viagra guild. He was ecstatic to finally receive an Oscar for ‘Best Actor in the Bedroom

Mike was having doubts about taking on this repair job – it wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. It was time to hatch a plan

Ray loved the urchins; they had a fresh salty flavour about them

Thomas couldn’t wait to wrap his juicy lips around Gerard’s juicy plums

When Roger requested ’Murder on the Dance Floor’ this was the last thing he expected