aa hero - brian wood

I acquired my formal jewellery training at the South Australian, Craft Authority’s, “Jam Factory” Jewellery Workshop. I then went on to teach Jewellery and Silversmithing with the S.A. School of Art and am represented at the Queensland Art Gallery’s “Survey of Contemporary Australian Craft” I currently work from my studio in Mapleton Queensland.

My main medium is sterling silver that I love for all its inherent properties. I combine it with gem stones and recycled materials, circuit boards, LP records, vintage lino, and pretty much anything that speaks to me. My love of nature, music, science fiction and the quirky aspects of life inspire me to create jewellery that usually has a message, either in the honesty and integrity of materials chosen or the form of the piece itself.

I am passionate about the truly handmade as it makes the difference between Art and mass production and has an intrinsic value to most of us.