aa hero - gillian hillman

After working for many years with precious stones Gillian has returned to an exploration of texture in metals. Altering and disturbing the play of light can redefine a piece and give it a whimsical and eye catching air. Japanese sword inlay alloys, such as shibuichi and shakudo, layered and inlaid to create unusual effects, have also been subtly incorporated into her work. Interesting surface patterns, from brushed, to matt and finely grained, or scribed textures give her classic gold and silver designs a contemporary edge. Oxidised elements add depth and another dimension to her memorable pieces which have been enthusiastically collected for many years by jewellery lovers. Every now and then an amazing gem will appear, as her passion for beautiful stones such as opal, unusual sapphires, beryls and tourmalines has not abated.


Her simple, yet unusual designs have a longevity that is timeless.