Food for Thought by Monika Feuerstein as part of the VITROFORM exhibition

Inspired by an old science fiction movie (soy-lent green). A bit scary, thinking about the possibility of humans not having enough food and as a consequence end up eating our selves. And possibly experimenting to produce human body parts (hence the test tube) hmmmm, some would say gtotesque, morbid etc. But it’s science fiction or is it? Here in the 21st century, with climate change making itself apparent in assorted hilarious ways on a daily basis, a world population cresting over seven billion, devastating global pandemics a constant threat, posions in the air, water, and food supplies merely a given, and politicians insisiting it’s all a myth.

Little hands: scultured out of wax, the silicon mould-end product plaster, painted in oil poaint and nail polish – “fish fingers” in sardine tin – “hand shake’ plaster cast in stainless steel Milk shake container


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