chloe mccoll portrait Why did you become a jeweller? I was intrigued and fascinated by the ability to create such small, delicate treasures with my hands. I felt such a strong urge to be able to make such things myself.                   How would you describe your men’s jewellery range at Lord Coconut and what was its inspiration? The ocean and its beaches inspire my work. Exploring beaches and collecting fragments from the ocean was a frequent activity of my childhood. As I have creatively grown and established myself as an artist and a jeweler, there has remained a heavy influence of the fascination of the ocean identifiable in my practice. This collection has developed along side this passion. I have aimed to create jewellery that calls attention to these treasures of the ocean. Teaming found porcelain and sterling silver to create one off pieces. My project is one of accentuating what already exists. The rounded pieces of porcelain portray the strength and perpetual movement of the ocean; the man made has succumbed to the effects of nature. My jewellery reclaims this man made essence but at the same time does not seek to forget their journey. The weathered shape of the porcelain dictates the form and contours of each piece. I see my task as simply staying true to this history and creating a space in which it can be recognized and celebrated. The pieces speak for themselves.   chloe mccoll workbenchHow would you describe what is on your jewellery bench? Messy Chaos. I move from object to object and create without cleaning. Messy and Chaotic but its how I like it and it seems to work for me.                 When not making jewellery what do you love to do? I love to beach trawl. Collecting glass and shards of porcelain. It’s like treasure hunting. I also love to travel, when I can find the time and can afford to.   Favourite restaurant I don’t have one in particular but anything Asian style is definitely enticing.   Favourite movie Pride and Prejudice, the Keira Knightly version.   Favourite travel destination Turkey   Favourite band The XX   Favourite book My favourite book that I’ve read recently is Frida’s Bed by Slavenka Drakulic   Favourite art work Any of the jewellery by Mark Vaarwerk. He creates the most beautiful and intriguing treasures from polystyrene and plastic.   Favourite building I really love a lot of the Gaudi architecture in particular Park Guell.