Kath O’Neill

Why did you become a jeweller? I became a jeweller because I loved drawing, but found I wanted more than the two dimensional, so when I started designing and then making, turning an idea – which is realised in a drawing and then materialises into an object you can hold in your hands – was very intriguing and led to a never ending process of learning and challenge.  Sometimes in the process of making, you actually achieve something more interesting, of greater subtlety and more nuanced than you could express in a drawing, so that’s also exciting.       How would you describe your men’s  jewellery range at Lord Coconut and what was its inspiration? My range at Lord Coconut is definitely inspired by architecture, large scale industrial equipment, railway components etc. Having an affinity with the masculinity inherent in these particular areas, although viewed through a feminine sensibility  – perhaps this softens them a little or allows an organic element to come through in the pieces.  Certainly texture and light play a part in the designs, so they have sensual properties; precious metal can be quite a seductive material.   How would you describe what is on your jewellery bench? A hodge podge of orders being filled, little ideas which are half formed, a scattering of tools – very organised chaos in a way.                 When not making jewellery what do you love to do? I love experiencing live music – classical, opera, rock – it’s all good; reading, movies, the beach and travelling. Love to camp.   Favourite restaurant Melbourne is not a town you can possibly have a favourite restaurant in!   Favourite movie Too hard, too many but I do love “Arsenic and Old Lace” at the moment.   Favourite travel destination Any where you need a passport and a complete change of season clothing from your start point.  Italy?   Favourite band I am loving Tom Waits at the minute, and Fever Ray.   Favourite book I always re-read anything by PG Wodehouse, and also “To Kill A Mockingbird”.   Favourite art work Everything by the Tjapaltjarri brothers.   Favourite building Any building which gives the street a face, a presence; where the front is so intriguing, the entrance so inviting, you feel compelled to enter it and explore.