Mens Designer Jewellery

How does a man find online exclusive mens jewellery? Mens jewellery is the ultimate gift you can give your man, be it elegant rings, tie clasps or cuff links. We bring the latest mens jewellery from all over Australia designed by local designer talent and artisans.

Featured Products

  • 8 skull eternity


    ring by Justine Austen

  • Clever boys


    cufflinks by Beth Croce

  • Ginger Meggs


    re-purposed stamp and silver plate cufflinks by Helen Hadfield

  • Bronze Novo Amulet (chain)


    bracelet by Clara Ho

  • Spitfire


    cufflinks by Dan McGill

  • Yarra & Flinders


    cufflinks by Erwin Rohrl

The Life and Times of Lord Coconut

Little is known about the early life of the man we have come to know as Lord Coconut. Even his exact date of birth is a source of contention among scholars. The legends that surround Lord Coconut are plentiful, but hard documentary evidence of who the man was is scarce, and that which we do have is either potentially biased or pure fiction.

It is agreed that Lord Coconut was a member of the British aristocracy.

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